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Handy Harvy

Handy Harvy, Sega Genesis

One day on the way to work, Harvy's girlfriend Leah gets kidnapped by the neighborhood tough guy, Rusty. We also learn that Leah is Gary's daughter, and Harvy works for Gary as a part of the Westspring Manor maintenance team.

Rusty throws either kettlebells or bombs, so you'll have to avoid those while repairing the windows. As you progress further and further, you'll have to start avoiding kites as well.

To help you out during the game, a beer will randomly appear. If you drink it, you'll get double score when fixing windows, you'll move faster, AND you're temporarily invincible! You can also hang off of the balconies to avoid bomb explosions or kites.

A really nice feature to Handy Harvy is the ability to play co-op with a friend. Teamwork can go a long way when you're dealing with a tough guy like Rusty. Plus, it makes getting those awards easier (if that's your thing).

Handy Harvy will fill your action/arcade itch with plenty of replayability.