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Get'em Gary

Get'em Gary, NES

In Get'em Gary, you control Westspring Manor's repairman Gary and you have to clean up the mess that Rusy is causing. You'll have to walk along the ledges of the buildings and climb up the pipes to ascend to higher platforms in order to fix the windows.

You'll have plenty of obstacles blocking your path, as well as objects that Rusty throws down upon you (a bowling ball, bombs - which blows up windows if the shutters aren't closed, and game consoles).

In later stages, you'll have to avoid kites as well.

You can get a burger power-up that makes you temporarily invincible and doubles your score when you fix and close the windows. This can be incredibly useful, especially in later stages, when it pops up.

If you're looking for an 8-bit arcade experience, Get'em Gary will satisfy that craving.