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Manufacturing Services
We understand the difficulties a team can endure when trying to get their game put onto a physical cartridge and the stresses and costs involved with each project. We can assemble the entire package for you! Everything from the PCB and cartridge assembly, to getting the boxes, case art, manuals, and any inserts for you printed up with the best quality possible.

Since there are a wide variety of mappers and hardware that aren't always common between developers, we currently only support a few manufacturing options in terms of the hardware. However, that doesn't mean we can't find a solution for your needs! If any of the mappers listed below aren't sufficient for your projects, we can certainly find a solution!

  • Sega Genesis (any size up to 4MB) with or without SRAM
  • Sega 32x (any size up to 4MB) with or without SRAM
  • Nintendo SNES 1MB and 2MB loROM, non-SRAM
  • Nintendo NES NROM (64KB CHR-ROM & 256KB PRG-ROM)

We can also provide cardboard boxes for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and Sega 32x. Plastic cases for Sega products may cause delays.

Publication Services

Bundled with our manufacturing services, we will also promote and sell your game for you. If you have an original project that you would like us to publish, send us a message through the contact form.

Development Services

Are you in need of a project to be developed and you can't find a solution anywhere? Send us a message through the contact page with a description of the project.

Please use the following guidelines before sending an inquiry. This will help let us know as much as possible to determine an estimated length of the project. The following items should be included with any inquiry or available via DropBox, Google Drive, or similar platforms:

  • Game Development
    • Story/Dialog: Items include the story, dialog, and any text that would be found inside of the game and where that text would be shown.
    • Characters: Items include, but aren't limited to, actions (walk, run, jump, attack, block, etc.), number of frames required for each action, skills/abilities, and detailed descriptions of all actions.
    • Level Design: Items include, but aren't limited to, how many levels, scroll style, platforming, objects, obstacles, backgrounds, and object/background interaction.
    • Items: Items include, but aren't limited to, detailed list of each item and effect, how many can be held at a time, item selection mechanics, where the item can be obtained, how the item can be obtained, and frame count for each item if more than 1 is required.
    • Hardware: Items include, but aren't limited to, SRAM, SRAM configuration, SRAM size, and target ROM size (1MB to 4MB for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/32x).
    • Music/Sound Effects: Items include a list of music tracks, locations for the music tracks, sound effects, and when the sound effects should be triggered. We understand the difficulty of finding an artist and composer to create the content needed for a game can be a difficult challenge. While it's not required to have the assets finished before contacting us, we do encourage trying to have a rough draft for the early development stages. We will also assist in finding the right artist and composer for the project if needed as well.
  • Application Development
    • Platform: What platform does the application need to run on (Windows, Linux, Mac, Web). If this project is a web application, please specify what server this will be running on (IIS, Apache, etc)
    • Required Languages: Please specify if your project requires a specific programming language and version.
    • Required Software/Platforms: Please specify if your project requires a specific backend, such as MySQL or MSSQL, or requires compatibility with a specific application.
    • Required Hardware: Please specify if your project requires specific hardware requirements and compatibility
  • Project Milestones & Deadlines: Providing these details helps ensure that resources required for your project can be allocated to meet your deadline
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