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Frequently Asked Questions
How come I can only purchase X items at once?
We only allow the maximum on hand to be sold at any given time, with exceptions of pre-orders on new titles.
Do you provide EPROM writing services?
As long as they're in stock! The following EPROM's are currently offered:
  • M27C800
  • M27C160
  • M27C322
  • M27C256
If you require EPROM services, please use the contact form with the details of what you need.
I have a game I would like published, can you help?
Of course. Let us know what we can do to help you get your game out there!
I purchased your title from another vendor and I'm having issues, can you help?
It depends. If the game was purchased from an authorized party, then absolutely! Authorized parties receive the product directly from Second Dimension, and we ensure customer satisfaction. If the product is an unofficial version or copy, then support won't be provided.
Can I still purchase a discontinued item?
No. Products that are discontinued are either due to licensing agreements expiring or materials for the item are no longer available or are being produced.
Where can I send feedback, bug reports, or suggestions?
You can use the contact form for all of the above. If you're a member, you can post the above in the designated forums for each category and/or product.
Can you make custom cardboard boxes and manuals?
We can currently provide boxes for NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. Each box style has a minimum quantity of 50 and can contain different artwork. A cartridge tray or foam insert is also provided with each box. SNES cart trays are white and Sega Genesis cart trays are black.
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