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Socks the Cat

Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, SNES

It was like any other night at the White House when all of a sudden some crooks stole the nuclear launch codes! This isn't a job for just anyone. The FBI, CIA, and any other military organization isn't fit fur duty. Oh no. Only the presidential feline can solve this case!

You play as Socks, the Clinton's cat from the 90's, in this retro platforming adventure! Socks comes equipped with a few moves - you can scratch, claw, and butt stomp your enemies. There are also power-ups you can get to help you on your mission.

The levels often have various paths you can take, and will bring you through a lot of historic and presidential locations. There's a vast array of enemies, ranging from mice, to protesting hippies, to judges! The game is as quirky as it is fun.

You'll face various political figures as bosses in this completely satirical adventure.