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Get a cleaner, more reliable collection

Teamed up with highly regarded 1up Card, the NES Virus Clean 1up Bundle provides you with top quality console and cartridge cleaning supplies to keep your collection clean.

The wand is made of high quality material that you put your cleaning solution on and scrub away at the contacts inside of your game cartridges. This wand works on all cartridge based games, not just NES carts.

When you need to clean the NES console, you simply swap in the 1up cleaning board into the NES Virus Cleaner cartridge shell, apply your cleaning solution, and insert it into your console. This cartridge uses a special pull tab to make insertion and retrieval a much easier process for cleaning.

Sometimes it can feel like a chore to keep switching between the game and cleaning board, so there's an option to get an additional cartridge casing for the game.

If you're looking for a fun game and a way to keep your collection clean, this bundle is definitely for you!