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Beginning Affinity: A new journey awaits

It was in the early days of my adventure in game development that I had first thought of Affinity Sorrow. I had scrambled to try and put together a team to begin working on what I thought would be a fun and somewhat easy project. Oh, boy, let me tell you how wrong I was.

The first issue was getting the right people together. There were about 8 of us on the team in the beginning, but the passion project soon started falling apart when other obligations in life took priority for some of the team. Some of those that had to leave the project were integral parts, and finding the right person to step in was a significant task.

As time went on, the remaining team eventually started on new projects and branched out in other areas. I was back to square one, and I realized I needed to take a step back.

One of the biggest hurdles is finding funding for a project. You can't expect people to work on promises, and I was incredibly nervous of crowdfunding at the time. I had a composer I knew I could count on, but all of the artists at the time weren't able to dedicate the amount of time required to make an RPG.

The goal now was to build up Second Dimension to the point where it would become a viable option to put Affinity Sorrow back into the works.

Years would pass, and while I was making progress, progress was slow. It wouldn't be until 2019 that Affinity Sorrow would even be in consideration for development. I had nearly put it in the "forgotten" pile, until after the Illmoore Kickstarter campaign.

When we launched the Illmoore campaign, we were already 3 months into development. A majority of the core graphics for the first character had been completed by that point, and I believe we were already on the next 2 worlds. Then, unexpectedly in May, all of the graphical assets for the game was finished.

Jav was asking what the next project in mind was for after Illmoore. I wasn't quite ready for that question, as my main focus was just programming and finishing Illmoore. We bounced around a few ideas, and then I asked what he thought about making an RPG. After some initial discussions, we settled on that.

And thus began the journey into Affinity Sorrow.

We'll be launching a Kickstarter soon help generate the funds to continue development, and I promise you, we have an AMAZING surprise for when we launch the campaign.