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Unsolicited Content Policy
Second Dimension is always eager to hear feedback from our customers and members of the gaming community and welcomes all feedback, comments, and suggestions on our products and services. However, due to the nature of the services and products offered by Second Dimension, all material not requested by Second Dimension cannot be taken into consideration. As such, please review the guidelines below before contacting Second Dimension or any persons affiliated with Second Dimension:
  • If you are requesting information in regards to commission work, please omit any information that could be considered proprietary to your game, including (but not limited to) unique engine mechanics, unique idea, or anything else that could be considered damaging to your project.
  • Any unsolicited submission will be considered by Second Dimension to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. Second Dimension will hold no obligations for use of any part, or in whole, of the submission, and will be not liable for any or all use of the submission.
If you would still like to submit a suggestion, please use the contact form.
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